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catskills, september

We hung some new artwork around the apartment the other day. This piece by Caroline Wright is on the wall above our couch now, and I couldn’t love it more. (These photos hardly do it justice.)

alameda antiques fair finds

A few finds from the Alameda Antiques Fair last weekend: an industrial stool that is just perfect for my new elephant foot palm plant; two cameras: an Ansco Readyflash (and a bonus surprise– an exposed roll of film in it!) and a Brownie Twin 20; and some old photos to add to my collection.

Does anyone have any experience getting obsolete film developed? The roll I found in the Ansco Readyflash is Kodacolor-X and processed with C-22 which our local shop doesn’t do anymore, so I’ve been looking for somewhere to send it off. The most promising I’ve found so far is Film Rescue International, but the turnaround is going to be at least 6 weeks… Any ideas/recommendations/suggestions would be very much appreciated! 

mission cheese

Nolan and I met some friends at Mission Cheese yesterday afternoon. We told cheesemonger Steve a few of our likes and dislikes and he put together a spectacular cheese plate for us. That guy knows his cheese! Crowd favorites were the Barinaga Ranch Baserri and the Rogue River Blue– and half of us claimed to not even like blue cheese. The decor is a great mix of rustic and industrial and the vibe is definitely laid back cool. Plus they serve their tap beers in mason jars. (Love!) Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a drizzly afternoon.

scenes from new york

It’s been almost a month since Nolan and I got back from New York City, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to upload pictures from our trip. It was a bit of a whirlwind but we did almost everything on our to do/see/eat list! Thank you for your recommendations, they were so helpful! We did a fair amount of touristy things– visiting Grand Central Station, MoMA and The Met, walking through Central Park, along the Highline and across the Brooklyn Bridge – but we also got to act like locals too (many thanks to Emily and Kara for helping us fit right in) – we went to the Brooklyn Flea, bar hopped in the East Village, got the hang of the subway system, gallery hopped in Chelsea. We visited with old friends and new friends and even snuck in a stop at Etsy Headquarters. (What a cool place to work.) I really can’t imagine having a better trip. We’re already planning our next one… :)

new york, new york

We’re back from New York! It was an amazing trip, packed to the brim with exploring the city and visiting friends. I’m still catching up on work and emails from last week and haven’t had a chance to upload photos from my camera yet, so here’s a little tease with some iPhone pics.

skyscrapers and reflections | MoMA | drawing class at The Met | Subway | Cocktails | fabric at Mood | Grand Central Station | Blue Bottle Coffee on the Highline

scenes from the weekend

I have been getting pretty lazy about taking photos lately, but that should change next week– I’m headed to New York City! It will be my first trip there and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. I’ve been browsing the Manhattan and Brooklyn guides on Design*Sponge and the  guide to NYC Joanna (A Cup of Jo) shared last week, but if you have any recommendations for things we must see or eat or do while we’re there I’d love to hear them!

Anywho, back to this weekend. Saturday was a crazy day of errands (shopping, hair cut, cake deliveries) before running home to make a dish for a dinner party we were invited to. Some friends who are really into food and wine started a dinner club of sorts; every two months the group gets together at someone’s house to put on a six-course wine pairing dinner. The host provides the wine and every person/couple is in charge of a course that pairs with the provided wine (we were given tasting notes ahead of time). This weekend my friend Lauren was hosting and one of the couples was unable to attend, so Nolan and I were invited to round out the group. We were in charge of the pasta course, and the theme being ‘fall harvest’ we made a butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce. Everyone brought their A game and it was seriously one of the better meals I’ve had! We had poached pear salad, ravioli, roasted duck with a coconut cherry compote, braised lamb with pomegranate reduction, a cheese course, and pumpkin pie, each paired with wonderful wines (I couldn’t even begin to remember what we had). Needless to say, we were in a bit of a food and wine induced coma on Sunday and spent the day recovering, watching Sports Night (so! good!) and snuggling with the kitties. I caught them taking a nap on the same side of the couch, cuties.

scenes from the weekend

I’ve been battling a cold since staying out late for the Bon Iver concert Thursday night (totally worth it, the show was amazing) so it was a fairy uneventful weekend here. Gabby had her baby last week so I helped deliver a couple of wedding cakes this weekend; the picture above is of Talya putting the finishing touches on a cake we delivered to City Hall. I was getting a bit stir crazy by Sunday afternoon so I took advantage of neighborhood free days and explored the California Academy of Sciences for a few hours. My favorite part was walking through the aquarium; I sat and watched the jellyfish for a while, and was tickled to spot a clownfish and a dory fish swimming together as I had just watched the end of Finding Nemo on TV the other night. Back home to veg for the rest of the evening and play with the kitties, who are getting along pretty well these days. What a difference a week makes.

scenes from the weekend

Sorry for my absence last week; Nolan and I took a quick trip to North Carolina for work (and a bit of play!). We got back Friday afternoon and spent the better part of the weekend relaxing and recovering. Highlights were a first birthday party on Sunday, a stop by Golden Gate Park to visit Meg and Siri and their amazing ice cream truck, and picking up our new kitten Lola! She is a playful and curious little thing and loves snuggling and belly rubs. She’ll fit in just fine here. :) Oliver is slowly coming around, but I think they’ll be fast friends.

scenes from the weekend

We spent the weekend camping in Stanislaus National Forest (near Dardanelle) with a few friends celebrating our friend Trevor’s 30th birthday. (The kind of people who want to spend their birthday in the woods– my kind of people.) Trevor’s girlfriend Camille planned the most amazing meals: grilled flounder, potatoes and veggies; everything bagels with hummus and tomatoes; couscous with tasty bites and a veggie salad; granola with coconut milk and blueberries. During the day we hiked to a swimming hole where we read books and sunbathed for a few hours (Savastio was the only one brave enough to get in the chilly water), and at night we sat around the campfire talking, making s’mores, and looking at the stars. A good time was had by all. Hope your weekend was swell!

{all photos taken by me, with a Minolta x-370}

(no) scenes from the weekend

I shot what I thought was a whole roll of film this weekend, only to discover when dropping it off to be developed this morning that I hadn’t properly loaded it and actually didn’t take a single photo all weekend. No photos from a laid-back Saturday afternoon eating lunch, reading a book of short stories and people watching at Mojo Cafe. No photos of my friends Kate and Dylan who were in town for a wedding, no photos from our lunch in the Haight or our trip to Twin Peaks on a perfect San Francisco summer day– 70 degrees and no fog in sight! And no photos from The Decemberists and Arcade Fire shows at Outside Lands last night. (Both were amazing, by the way.) So you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was a pretty solid weekend. Hope yours was too!

books and flowers on my dresser / The Decemberists playing at Outside Lands