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P. Nosa

One of my favorite booths at Renegade this weekend was the free-motion embroidery of P. Nosa. He works on a portable sewing machine powered by a solar panel (or a bicycle electric generator on cloudy days), and sells embroidered patches and clothing. You can bring your own shirt/bag/whatever and he’ll embroider it right there for you. Or you can have him ‘sew your imagination’ in a 5-words-or-less scenario. Iris’ was “[a] jellyfish swinging into outer space”. Cute, huh?

new colette patterns

I’m loving the new vintage-inspired sewing patterns from Colette. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Roobios dress pattern.

refashion: thimbly things


I love how Kristena (of Thimbly Things) refashioned these ‘fugly’ dresses into something fabulous. Does anyone else suddenly want to hit up Goodwill?




Alexis is my sewing hero. I am so trying this on one of the shirts in my giveaway pile.

pleated shirt tutorial > here
ruffle shirt tutorial > here

memory jumper




Amazing… Kris embroidered snippets from her teenage diary onto a jumper… I am so inspired by this!

{photos here}

vintage sewing patterns + fabric


I scored three vintage patterns and a $1/yard striped fabric at The Scrap Exchange this weekend. I can’t believe someone just gave these away! Lucky me. :)

Sewing: Vogue 8278 dress

Last weekend Hancock Fabrics was having a sale on sewing patterns, so I grabbed a few 99-cent patterns and decided that it was time to put my vintage Singer to the test. For my first sewing project, I decided to make the dress from the Very Easy Vogue 8278 pattern in a grey-blue lightweight gabardine. “Very Easy” might be an overstatement, but I worked on it a few hours each evening and finally finished it last night. It’s certainly not perfect (without a belt it looks like a potato sack), but it is definitely wearable and I’m extremely pleased with how my first project turned out.