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and the best costume goes to…

We’re not going to a Halloween party this year, but I still wanted the chance to vote for best costume! I’ve seen a lot of great costumes online this week, but my favorite has got to be Micah Heiselt‘s Edward Scissorhands costume! Micah was a guest blogger on Black Eiffel last week, and I was floored when I saw his costume. It doesn’t hurt that he looks like Johnny Depp either! Happy Halloween!

love letter in disguise

this makes me smile…

Friday Finds: Odette jewelry

It feels like I’ve been talking a lot about jewelry recently, but I keep coming across some amazing and inspiring collections that I have to share… So sorry for yet another jewelry Friday Find! These beauties are from Jennifer Sarkilahti’s Odette New York collection… Love!

{found via housemartin}

Sewing: Vogue 8278 dress

Last weekend Hancock Fabrics was having a sale on sewing patterns, so I grabbed a few 99-cent patterns and decided that it was time to put my vintage Singer to the test. For my first sewing project, I decided to make the dress from the Very Easy Vogue 8278 pattern in a grey-blue lightweight gabardine. “Very Easy” might be an overstatement, but I worked on it a few hours each evening and finally finished it last night. It’s certainly not perfect (without a belt it looks like a potato sack), but it is definitely wearable and I’m extremely pleased with how my first project turned out.

Volksfaden fabrics

I’m loving the images Volksfaden has used to introduce different fabric categories… Overlaying vintage black and white photos with their fabric patterns is such a brilliant way to show them off!

pretty pretty pumpkins

Martha Stewart has some wonderful ideas for decorating pumpkins this year… a few of my favorites are cookie cutter pumpkins, lace pattern pumpkins, stained glass pumpkins, and celestial pumpkins.

{via unruly things}

font conference

Random, but funny. I’m still laughing about “Pencil Telephone Hourglass!”

Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was spent working on a number of craft projects I hope to share in the next few days…

I noticed one of these Mexican celebration banners on someone’s front porch during a run yesterday, and couldn’t stop thinking about its vibrant colors and intricate cut-outs! Plum Party sells white and color banners, or if you’re feeling adventurous you could try to make some yourself. All you’ll need is paper, an Exacto knife, and a lot of patience!

{photo from aiyah}

Friday Finds: MsBelle jewelry

Check out these beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces from Etsy shop MsBelle… I especially love the amethyst bracelet. (And think that design would make a stunning necklace!)


I’m loving this colorful mixed media collage from Betsy Thompson at the Enormous Tiny Art Show… This would be darling in a vintage-inspired kitchen (or any kitchen, for that matter)!