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to the stars and back

A few prints I’ve had my eye on lately…

1. Aggregate by by Otsuki Yuji; 2. Moon Chart Print; 3. Dark Constellation

scenes from the weekend

Another weekend where all my pictures are of food and my cat, oops! I did a little more than eat and play with Oliver though, I just don’t have the pictures to prove it. Saturday we rode bikes to Axis Cafe in Potrero Hill (delicious, but service was sloooow) and back and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at home and doing a little bit of tidying. I’m slowly making my way through all our closets to get rid of things we just don’t need– it’s a process! Sunday I spent the better part of the day in the kitchen, helping a friend test recipes for a cookbook she’s writing. We made vanilla donuts and bacon focaccia bread and both turned out pretty well; I was happy to take some home. Hope you had a lovely weekend, friends!

Filly fall

Loving the photos from Filly‘s fall collection. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the clothes are gorgeous. I want that amber colored dress to be MINE!

{photos by Allison Cekala}

scenes from the weekend

Hey pals, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty quiet; Nolan was out of town and I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I spent the better part of the weekend in my pajamas on the couch. I did venture out to run some errands and had a chance to break in my new Frye Wendy moccasin flats (love ’em!). I was feeling better on Sunday and went to a baby shower– they had the most amazing dessert table spread. I made sure to sample everything! Everyone was asked to bring a baby picture and we played a game where we guessed which picture was which person. (I’m #4.) Back home to do a little tidying up (I organized my jewelry to display my most frequently worn items) and enjoy the rest of a relaxing weekend. Hope yours was swell!

gretel home

Just a few things I’m coveting from Gretel

Nouvel Studio Apollo tumblersLinea Ice Oro flatware / Mud Australia place setting

renegade craft fair

Renegade Craft Fair was in San Francisco this weekend, and a few friends and I ventured up to Fort Mason to check it out. I recognized many of the same vendors as last year but there were a handful of new ones too. I snagged a handful of business cards for gift ideas but I couldn’t resist buying a few things for myself too.

I got a beautiful leather and brass necklace from Tangleweeds. I forgot my camera (argh!) but fortunately Jeannine took some photos of her booth. The one I bought is the half moon with cream leather on the far right.

I also got a succulent planter from Planted by Chandra Abel Designs. As you can imagine, her booth was a big hit at the fair. I had to fight my way to the front of the table to grab one of those lovelies!

photo credits: 1. Jeannine at Tangleweeds, 2. Tangleweeds etsy shop, 3. Planted website

scenes from the weekend

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Did you do anything wonderful? I did! A friend and I took a road trip up to Oregon – she was doing research for a travel piece on Oregon wine country and I was lucky enough to be asked along. It was an amazing weekend exploring Willamette Valley and there is so much I could tell but for now I’ll leave you with few highlights (and some pictures):

-massages before an incredible 6-course wine pairing dinner at the Allison Inn & Spa
-wine tastings and vineyard tours in perfect summer weather
-taking a break from ‘work’ in a bouncy house then swimming in Fern Ridge Lake
-sleeping in a tipi and waking with the sun at Tipi Village Retreat
-hours in the car talking about life and relationships and goals and dreams