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fleet foxes

We went to the Fleet Foxes show at the Greek Theater a few weeks ago, and I was so inspired by the animated backdrop imagery. I took a few less-than-stellar snaps on my phone, but Alyson Redding got some fantastic ones when they played in Seattle. They were designed by Sean Pecknold; you can see more of the designs for the concert backdrop on his website.

{photos by Alyson Redding, except for the block of square pics from my phone}

on top of a mountain

A perfectly intimate wedding on top of a mountain… Surrounded by only your nearest and dearest– so sweet, so simple! Kinda wishing my husband and I could get married all over again.

{photos by Sean Flanigan; see more from this gorgeous wedding on his blog}

scenes from the weekend

I’ve been battling a cold since staying out late for the Bon Iver concert Thursday night (totally worth it, the show was amazing) so it was a fairy uneventful weekend here. Gabby had her baby last week so I helped deliver a couple of wedding cakes this weekend; the picture above is of Talya putting the finishing touches on a cake we delivered to City Hall. I was getting a bit stir crazy by Sunday afternoon so I took advantage of neighborhood free days and explored the California Academy of Sciences for a few hours. My favorite part was walking through the aquarium; I sat and watched the jellyfish for a while, and was tickled to spot a clownfish and a dory fish swimming together as I had just watched the end of Finding Nemo on TV the other night. Back home to veg for the rest of the evening and play with the kitties, who are getting along pretty well these days. What a difference a week makes.

nopa victorian

One of the old Victorian homes on our block had an open house this past weekend, and I couldn’t resist stopping by. It was staged beautifully and I could have moved in right then and there. I mean, look at those built-ins! And all that natural light! Too bad I don’t have $1.5 million…

{photo credit Open Homes Photography}

scenes from the weekend

Sorry for my absence last week; Nolan and I took a quick trip to North Carolina for work (and a bit of play!). We got back Friday afternoon and spent the better part of the weekend relaxing and recovering. Highlights were a first birthday party on Sunday, a stop by Golden Gate Park to visit Meg and Siri and their amazing ice cream truck, and picking up our new kitten Lola! She is a playful and curious little thing and loves snuggling and belly rubs. She’ll fit in just fine here. :) Oliver is slowly coming around, but I think they’ll be fast friends.

cake coquette

Last week I photographed a few cakes for my friend Gabby of Cake Coquette. She is so insanely talented and her cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful. (She made my birthday cake this year!) See a few more photos I took last week here, and more photos of Gabby’s work here.