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scenes from the weekend

We had a nice weekend, a good mix of being social and laziness and getting shit done. Friday we met at Latin American Club for birthday drinks for Nolan’s coworker/friend. A few too many (for both of us) meant a quiet Saturday at home, nursing our hangovers with a large greasy brunch and watching movies. It rained on and off all day, so we didn’t feel too bad about taking a lazy day. Sunday was for baking (Challah) and running errands… I got the West Elm striped sheets I’ve had my eye on (on sale, woot!) and painting supplies, because Nolan is on board with painting the living room grey! Now we just need to decide on the exact color… We wrapped up the weekend with a phenomenal dinner at Front Porch. It was hands down the best Southern food we’ve had out here, and I can’t wait to get back to try their brunch. Hope your weekend was lovely!

friday finds: luna & curious

Lovely little curiosities from Luna & Curious… I’m crazy for that feather necklace!


The spring/summer 2011 lookbook from knitwear label Primoeza is one of the best I’ve seen. Beautiful products shot beautifully. Love.

{photos by Olga Bennett}

scenes from the weekend

Mom, if you’re reading, don’t worry, I always wear a helmet! Just not for the picture.

It seems almost unfair how nice the weather has been in San Francisco this week, considering many of you are dealing with below-freezing temperatures. Not that I’m trying to rub it in, just mentioning it as it motivated a bike shopping trip this weekend. The bike I’ve been riding I’ve had since I was 14 (it’s a tad small and has definitely seen better days), so for Christmas Nolan gave me an IOU to pick myself out a new bike! So this weekend we did some research, stopped in a few bike shops, and did test rides before choosing this beautiful blue Linus roadster sport. I was so excited that I took it for a spin through Golden Gate Park just before sunset, and it was glorious. So that was the big highlight of my weekend! Hope yours was swell.

friday finds: tinctory

Gorgeous naturally-dyed smocked silk jewelry from Tinctory


A few bits of hand-lettered inspiration I’ve bookmarked lately…

1. Cotes du Fremont design by Kristofer Delaney; 2. type illustration by Jim Tierney; 3. “Sometimes You Just know” by Linzie Hunter


A lovely vintage-style collection inspired by tap star Ruby Keeler… Swoon!

{photos by Mitsuaki Murata}