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friday finds: this ilk


Fantastically mod lace jewelry from This Ilk… And as if the pieces weren’t cool enough, they’re named after cunning female characters – Poison Ivy, Ms. Peacock, Octopussy, to name a few. I’m especially loving the Athena Spartan earrings.

vintage sequined mini


this dress is bananas.
too bad it’s not my size, because it would be a killer holiday dress.

an education

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the movies – I’m pretty sure the last one was Away We Go at the beginning of July. I usually wait until they come out on DVD so I can watch them from the comfort of my couch (and hit pause for bathroom breaks. Speaking of which, have you heard of RunPee? Greatest.Idea.Ever).

But sometimes a movie looks too good to wait. And An Education is one of those movies. A coming of age story. With Peter Sarsgaard. And 60s fashion. Written by Nick Hornby. Who’s with me? It’s limited release, but our local theater is showing it in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

watch HD trailer here. Sorry RSS readers, WordPress doesn’t embed YouTube videos.

paris photo calendar


Nicole and her husband made this incredible large-scale perpetual calendar with photos from their year in Paris. I love, love, love it. Little plastic clips hold the photos together so they can be rearranged every month. Seems like it would be a fairly easy project if you want to make one yourself, or you can buy one from Little Brown Pen.

{via little brown pen}





loving these dreamy shots from estampillas‘ photostream…

friday finds: eclu


Beautiful, affordable bags and clutches from Etsy shop Eclu. They do custom orders too… wouldn’t these be a sweet bridesmaids gift?

hashai house makeover





So I think by now everyone has seen Anna Beth Chao’s amazing master bedroom makeover. I am totally loving that dark grey-green paint. She and her husband moved into a cute fixer-upper in Louisiana a few years ago and have started updating the house room-by-room. I just adore her daughter’s bedroom (a surprise overhaul done while she was at summer camp). And how amazing is that all-white kitchen?! Such incredible results. More pictures on her blog and flickr.