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friday finds: pata pri

Bright colors and fun prints on these tea towels from Pata Pri

noticing a bit of a pattern on recent Flickr faves…

{1. 303 by 76spread, 2. holy shit by SW▲MPY, 3. untitled by red & princess}

good bones

I know Lauren McGrath’s apartment made the blog rounds a few months ago, but I’ve been thinking about decorating our new apartment and keep coming back to these two photos. Great inspiration for a small space!

{via Traditional Home, photos by Max Kim-Bee}

see through

Artist Helga Steppan audited her personal belongings and divided them into a spectrum of color groupings for this series “See Through”. It’s really interesting what you can learn about a person simply from looking at a pile of their things. Each item has a place and seems to offer its own bit of insight. Something to think about as I’m paring down and packing this week.

Reminds me a bit of this, another great take on arranging things by color.

{via designer’s library}

baptiste viry

Loving the long layered necklaces from Baptiste Viry‘s spring/summer collection…

an update

Hi, friends! Sorry to be away for so long, again. Things have been sort of crazy preparing for our move, but everything is starting to come together. We signed a lease on apartment yesterday, in the lovely NoPa neighborhood. We’ll be two blocks from Alamo Square (you might recognize the Painted Ladies from the Full House opening credits) and the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. And we have a deck! And access to a private garden! Here’s a peek of our view from the deck, apologies for the blurry iPhone shot.

Regarding the vintage dresser… Thanks to your suggestions, I went back to the thrift store to buy it. But when I got there, the dresser was in much worse shape than I remembered. And the mirror didn’t detach, which worried me for transit. And they wanted to charge me $80 to deliver it to my apartment, less than half a mile away. (It was sooo heavy, otherwise I would have considered carrying it back!) So I decided it wasn’t meant to be mine, but I’m still a little heartbroken about it. I hope it found a good home!

Thank you all for your sweet comments about our move. We are really ridiculously excited and appreciate all the well-wishes and advice.

vintage dresser

I’ve had my eye on a vintage dresser that’s been sitting at our local thrift shop for the past few months. It needs quite a bit of TLC, but I think it has a lot of potential. They just knocked the price down, and I’m so tempted to snatch it up. But it would be fairly insane to buy a new piece a furniture just to lug it across the country, right? But I do need a new dresser. Although I’m sure I could find one in San Francisco. But I really like this one… What’s a girl to do?