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the civil wars

I’ve been listening to The Civil Wars all morning. If you’re into indie folk music, I think you’ll love their sound.

{gorgeous photos by tec petaja}

scenes from the weekend

I didn’t get any photos with my camera while we were riding (it stays nice and safe in my backpack!) so this less-than-stellar phone shot will have to do.

Bike Brunch #2 was a rousing success this weekend! There were 24 of us at one point (!) and we went on a leisurely ride through Golden Gate Park before a delicious brunch at Beach Chalet. And a handful of us went for post-ride drinks at Mojo Bicycle Cafe. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Saturday night I joined a friend at the Alonzo King LINES Ballet, which was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Definitely more modern dance than ballet. No pictures from Sunday because the most exciting thing I did was work on our taxes, bleh. But they’re done! (Just in the nick of time.) Hope you had a nice weekend!

friday finds: vintage shoe love

It’s been a while since my last Friday finds post but I hope you’ll forgive me once you check out the amazingness that is Vintage Shoe Love. They have shoes in other colors too, I was just loving all these brown ones. And there are shoes in my size! (It is next to impossible to find vintage shoes in 10.) Have a great weekend, all!

scenes from the weekend

I’m convinced that Nolan and his coworkers eat the best workweek lunches of anyone I know. Nolan knows that makes me more than a little envious, so Friday night he took me to one of his favorite lunch spots, Giordano Brothers, a Pittsburg-themed sandwich shop/bar in the heart of North Beach. We sat at the bar and devoured our coppa and egg sandwiches (they put fries ON the sandwich, nommmm). Seriously so good. Saturday morning we met some new friends bright and early (10am is early for San Francisco, haha) for a bike ride brunch out to Ocean Beach and back. It was great fun, and I think we’re going to make a weekly habit of it. The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet at home, making cookies – homemade Tagalongs turned out wonderfully, but I can’t wait to try Samoas next – and doing a bit of plant research and gardening prep. I’ve been collecting succulent cuttings from my neighbors (and the occasional sidewalk garden) to do plant propagation, but they need to callous a bit more before potting, so now I wait… Hope your weekend was wonderful!

gold ripple

I can’t tell you the last time I wore earrings (I’ve been wearing necklaces or nothing lately), but the gold ripple earrings from Laura Lombardi‘s s/s collection certainly have me reconsidering this morning… Aren’t they beautiful?

{photo by Heather Culp}

the northern lights

I hope I’m lucky enough to see the northern lights in person some day. Have you ever seen them? Stunning photos by 19-year-old Swedish photographer Olof Grind.

Which makes me think of one of my favorite songs by the Bowerbirds… Soooo good.


scenes from the weekend

I didn’t pick up my digital camera once this weekend, so all I’ve got for you are a few snaps at the end of a roll of film. They make it look like a quiet uneventful weekend, which wasn’t the case– although it probably should have been… You know that feeling when you know you’re going to be sick the next day but you don’t feel bad yet? I had that this weekend, but instead of listening to my body I went on a long bike ride and stayed up way too late (at a friend’s game night) and ate poorly and today I’m wishing my weekend looked more like those pictures. Live and learn!