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falling into a pool

This photo series from Phoot Camp 2010 is so fun. SO MUCH FUN!

{photos by Nate Bolt}

chappaqua pool house

From the Desk of Lola. Me likey.


I’ve been sitting on two rolls of exposed 120 film I shot with my Holga a few years ago, and finally got around to developing and scanning them this weekend. The color shot is from Matt and Callie’s wedding in Asheville, North Carolina, and the black and whites are from a trip to Myrtle Beach with Nolan’s folks. I need to take that little camera out more often.

scenes from… a camping trip

Last month I went on a camping trip with my husband and a few of our friends to Havasu Canyon in Arizona. We road-tripped from San Francisco in a minivan, which was surprisingly comfortable and spacious for the seven of us. After a 14-hour drive we stayed in a small town near the trailhead before waking up with the sun to embark on a 10-mile hike into the canyon. The hike was long but not that hard, and we were rewarded at the end by setting up camp next to a creek a few hundred yards away from one of the canyon’s four waterfalls. We spent the next three days exploring the canyon and swimming in the pools beneath the falls. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been– my photos don’t do it justice! Bottom line: it was an amazing trip. If you are into backpacking and camping, I’d absolutely recommend it.

More photos in my set here, or Nolan’s here.

{photos taken by me with a minolta x-370}

bali wedding

This just might be the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. A sunset ceremony on the beach followed by a candlelight dinner on the beach? Swoon! And don’t even get me started on the gorgeous portraits at the infinity pool… Photos by the magnificent Jonas Peterson.

pendleton at UO

Loving these Pendleton Jacquard towels from Urban Outfitters… Not sure I’m ready to replace the white towels in my bathroom, but these would be fun for the beach or the pool, no?

scenes from the weekend

A few highlights:

-Bike rides, blue skies and gorgeous sunsets
The Alemany Flea Market, where I was tempted by a gorgeous Hermes 3000 typewriter (but wasn’t about to drop $200 on it). But I didn’t leave empty-handed– I found a Kodak Duaflex camera for $10, and just need to find some 620 spools before I can start shooting!
-Go Giants! ice cream (pumpkin with chocolate cookie crumbles) from Three Twins
-Burgers, beer and baseball at B3 and then Rosamunde in the Mission. We weren’t in costume, but a few people were (including one crazy guy who looked like he’d been attacked by zombies).

friday finds: turkish bath

I had never heard of a peshtemal until last week when the Jane shared some of her recent acquisitions. These full-size turkish towels from Turkish Bath are soft and light, and dry much faster than the towels we are used to. And they’re quite beautiful, too! Perfect for trips to the pool this summer, wouldn’t you think?

faded signage





Amazing flickr set of faded signage.

1. Tom Ouelette’s No. 2 2. kodak film- flash bulbs 3. fox theater gritty 4. Specialty Cleaners

happy weekend!


What are you up to this weekend, my friends? Anything fun? I have absolutely nothing on the agenda, and it feels marvelous. I might go to the pool if the weather permits, and finish reading Loving Frank. It’s shaping up to be a lovely, lazy weekend. Hope yours is wonderful!

{photo via kellerny. i heart that photo wall}

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