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summer cocktails

The first day of summer is next week, just in time to try these delicious cocktails from Lottie + Doof. Hop over to vote for your fave!

{photos by Tim at Lottie + Doof}

locals and tourists

Awesome set of Geotaggers’ World Atlas maps broken down by locals and tourists from Eric Fischer. Blue points on the map are photos taken by locals, red points photos taken by tourists. The results show that London, New York, and San Francisco have the most local photographers (or at least ones that geotag their photos). Really neat concept, with a beautiful result. New York would look amazing printed large and framed, don’t you think?

scenes from the weekend

Another glorious weekend in San Francisco. We had a few people over Saturday evening, and spent the early part of the day getting the apartment presentable for guests (aka cleaning and unpacking). I know, I know– we’ve been here for a month, but we finally found a bookshelf and dresser this week so now all the random book and clothing boxes are gone. Hooray! I also planted a little herb garden and some flowers on our deck. On Sunday, we took the Muni out to Ocean Beach for Nolan’s first view of the Pacific. It was crazy foggy there, like walking in a cloud. A quick run to the library to pick up a stack of books on hold before meeting some friends for a beer, where we ran into a couple who also recently moved from Durham! What a small world. How was your weekend?

friday finds: ashleigh christina handmade

Loving these rocker chic pieces from Ashleigh Christina Handmade

samantha robinson at anthro

Two questions: when did Anthropologie start carrying Samantha Robinson’s ceramics, and how come no one told me? Can’t wait to see these lovelies in person!

julia stotz {tea}

I just stumbled across these photos by Julia Stotz and they seemed very fitting for the cool overcast day we’re having here. I could go for a cup of chocolate mint tea right now. Mmmmm.

jim’s pancakes

Every weekend Jim makes fun-shaped pancakes for his 3-year old daughter and shares them on his blog. So creative and sweet!

scenes from the weekend

Dude, it got HOT here this weekend. Well, hot for San Francisco standards. We celebrated the great weather on Saturday with a long walk to the Mission, where we hit up Jordan‘s yard sale, Paxton Gate (amazing), and some great (yet overpriced) vintage/thrift stores. I even scored a working Polaroid camera for $5! Now if only I could get my hands on some film… Saturday afternoon we went to a pick pickin’ in Oakland for a baby shower (of sorts). They had an adorable french bulldog named Gerty that kind of made me want one, and I am so not a dog person. We were pretty worn out on Sunday, and spent a lazy day at home, making biscuits and watching baseball on the couch. Even Oliver was pooped.

friday finds: ione’s attic

Great selection of mid-century desk/office finds at Ione’s Attic. I’m crazy for that lattice basket.

two winners

I made Deb’s Arugula, Potato and Green Bean Salad and Martha’s Herbed Flatbread for a potluck last night, and both were big hits. I was running late (nothing new) and didn’t have a chance to take pictures, but these photos are way better than mine would have been anyways. :)

{salad photo by Deb Perelman; flatbread by Karen Mordechai}


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